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AI-powered universal product page scraper. Turn any product page into an instantly structured 8-attributes JSON dataset.



No more painful custom-made scraper cost — parse any product page of any kind for 10 EUR per 1000 pages



On average, rely on 7 seconds per page. Easy.



Amazon, etsy, ebay — scrape any page in seconds, from any language. Worldwide.

Developers first

Use our API, built by developers for hurried developers. Intuitive, synchronous, explicit; parse product page fast, get results instantly.

If any additional information required, consult our exhaustive documentation.

</> GET


</> Code to integrate

curl\ api_key=secret_api_key&\\ attributes=price,currency,ratings,score,image_url,title,description&\ country_code=country-code

How It Works

Step 1

Share product page link

Share a web link of the product you're interested in.

Share product page link
Step 2

Add Attributes

You also tell us which attributes you want to know about the product like price reviews, etc

Add Attributes
Step 3

Content Fetch

We do visit the product page you shared , it makes sure the page loads properly

Content Fetch
Step 4

Ai-Powered Data Parsing

Our AI system then scans the page and finds the details you asked for. It's like a super-fast, super accurate robot reading the page

Ai-Powered Data Parsing
Step 5


Receive all in properly JSON reliable structured format



$20Per month
3K credits monthly
5 threads


$100Per month
15K credits monthly
10 threads
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost ?

between 20 to 100 usd

is it legal ?

our service complies with french data collection laws

How fast does it work?

between 10 to 60 seconds depending on the website

is there a no-code solution

yes, through the UI, signup for an account first

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